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Federal Crimes Defense

The U.S. legal system has two distinct levels of criminal law: state and federal. One of the most significant differences between state and federal prosecutions is the investigation process. State criminal charges may be filed after little or no investigation at all, while federal charges tend to follow a substantial investigation that may have taken place over the course of months or even years. If you believe that you are the subject of a federal criminal probe, you do not have to wait for the conclusion before taking action. In fact, proactively retaining a lawyer as early in the process as possible allows for opportunities to work with investigators and prosecutors, setting the stage for a successful defense case, if not mitigating charges before they are even filed.

Similarly, if you have been arrested by federal law enforcement, you should immediately seek the help of a highly qualified federal criminal defense attorney.  The United States Code has laws that penalize different federal crimes for which the consequences can be far-reaching.  The penalties for committing a federal crime can be heavy fines, imprisonment, having to pay restitution, deportation or sentences of probation.


What to Look For in a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

To navigate through the federal court system successfully, you must be sure to have a professional federal criminal defense attorney who is:

  • Knowledgeable and proficient in federal law,
  • Knows the nuances and specialized rules of federal court, and
  • Licensed to practice law in that particular federal district.

Even criminal defense attorneys who may be well versed in state law and its procedures are sometimes incapable of handling criminal cases in federal court. The experience and expertise of a Louisiana federal criminal defense attorney are essential for a positive outcome in your case.

New Orleans Federal Crimes Attorney

Attorney Elizabeth Bagert Carpenter has a thorough understanding of all types of federal criminal offenses, federal criminal procedures, and the federal sentencing guidelines. When working a case, she launches a full investigation in order to find the best legal defense strategy. Her strong courtroom and negotiating skills enable her to fight aggressively to protect her clients’ rights and seek the best possible outcome. She understands the serious consequences that a conviction can bring, extending the negative impact far into the future and seriously affecting your chance of a successful life. Ms. Carpenter is known for consistently achieving excellent results.

Ms. Carpenter handles all types of federal criminal charges.  Some of the more common ones are:

  • Firearms Offenses / Internet Child Pornography
  • Immigration Offenses / Drug Trafficking
  • White Collar Offenses / Tax Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud / Insurance Fraud
  • Bank Robbery / Computer Crimes
  • Theft / Drug Conspiracy


Contact: Louisiana Federal Criminal Attorney

A Federal criminal record is much more serious than a record acquired in a local or state justice system. If you have been charged with a federal crime in New Orleans, our office may be able to help you. We are committed to getting the best possible results for every client.  If you need to consult a federal defense attorney, please contact our New Orleans office at 504-599-5955. Available 24/7!

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