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Victim Representation Attorney

If you have been the victim of a crime, you may be confused about how the police department operates, how police investigations are done, what is needed to prove that someone committed a crime against you, or what is needed to get a conviction when a case goes to court.

A victim advocate realizes that each victim is unique and an advocate can assess their needs and provide appropriate services.  Advocates can intercede with family members and explain what is going on and what usually occurs next in a case. An advocate can accompany the victim to speak with police detectives and accompany them to court dates. Because many victims may feel left out of their case, an advocate can help explain things about the legal system and ease feelings of frustration.

Victim Advocate Attorney in New Orleans Perform The Following:

  • Ensure crime victims in Louisiana are aware of their rights
  • Help crime victims in Louisiana in attending court proceedings in their cases
  • Act as a liaison between crime victims in Louisiana and the prosecuting attorney’s office
  • Help crime victims in Louisiana find information about local agencies
  • Inform crime victims in Louisiana about compensation that may be available to them
  • Act as court advocates and speak on behalf of crime victims in Louisiana

New Orleans Victim Advocate Attorney

As victim advocates, we can assist clients with writing victim impact statements, advocating through the court process and providing information about orders of protection. If a person is a victim of a crime in Louisiana, they may be able to request that the judge in the case attach certain conditions to the defendant’s sentence. These conditions may include a no-contact order prohibiting the defendant from contacting the victim, restitution to compensate the victim for losses suffered as a result of the crime, mandatory anger management treatment for the defendant, and mandatory drug and alcohol supervision for the defendant.

Contact New Orleans Victim Representation Attorney

We realize that even though every victim feels the impact of a particular crime differently, all victims want justice.  If you have been the victim of a crime in Louisiana, our crime victim services can provide you with an advocate who is ready to answer your questions and guide you through the criminal justice process. If you need to consult an attorney about victim advocacy services in the New Orlean area, please call our office at: 504-599-5955.

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