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New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter 201 St Charles Ave Suite 2500, New Orleans, LA 70170

New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter New Orleans Criminal Defense 201 St. Charles Ave, Suite 2500 New Orleans, Louisiana 70170 (504) 599-5955 The best New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney in the New Orleans. Elizabeth B. Carpenter is the New Orleans criminal defense attorney that specializes in DWI DUI defense, sex crimes defense, professional license defense, and more… A defendant should try to hire an attorney with experience in the New Orleans courthouse. Or, defense attorneys in one parish may know which prosecutors are more likely to plead right before trial, as against those who will negotiate in advance. Local attorneys also know the police officers and how they perform in court before juries. Defendants should prefer New Orleans criminal defense attorneys who have experience with local procedures and personnel. A defendant should also try to find a criminal defense attorney like Elizabeth Carpenter New Orleans, who has represented defendants charged with the same or very similar offenses. Modern criminal law is so complex that many criminal defense lawyers specialize in particular types of offenses. One New Orleans attorney may specialize in drunk driving, another in drug offenses, and another in white-collar crimes (generally referring to nonviolent, money-related crimes, such as tax fraud or embezzlement). Most Louisiana defense attorneys specialize in a number of violations. It is perfectly appropriate for a defendant to inquire during the initial consultation about the attorney’s experience. A defendant should not hire a lawyer who refuses to specifically discuss her experience or gives vague, unrevealing answers. Such as if John, a man who enjoys drinking, is charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drunk driving. John will want an attorney who is versed in defending DUIs and might ask the lawyer how many times have you represented people who have been charged with drunk driving? Does your practice specialize in representing people charged with drunk driving? Are you certified as a specialist in drunk driving cases? What percentage of your practice involves appearing in the court that my case will be assigned to. Because most private lawyers have years of criminal law experience either as a prosecutor or as a P.D. before going into private practice, defendants should not have to sacrifice quality to find attorneys who have local experience with their types of cases. This is the case for New Orleans criminal defense attorney Elizabeth Carpenter. As your attorney she is the defendant’s lawyer and she speaks for the defendant. No matter how highly recommended a lawyer may be, it is also important that the lawyer be someone with whom the defendant is personally comfortable. This is the case for Elizabeth Carpenter, criminal defense attorney, New Orleans Louisiana. She is the best attorney in attorney-client relationships in which clients are full partners in the decision-making process.

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