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Super Lawyers - New Orleans Criminal Defense Attorney Lawyer Elizabeth B Carpenter

Elizabeth Carpenter has been awarded the top rating for criminal defense attorneys New Orleans from Super Lawyers. This means that Elizabeth Carpenter has been Selected To the List of Super Lawyers 2020. Are you facing arrest for a crime or have violated the terms of probation or parole, in New Orleans, contact your lawyer as soon as possible preferrably even before you contact or hear from your probation officer (PO) or the parole board. New Orleans probation lawyer Elizabeth Carpenter may be able to take action that prevents minimizes trouble before it starts.
In addition to serving people on probation or parole, we also represent people who are on home incarceration violations as well as juvenile violations involved in the juvenile justice system. The best criminal defense attorney is one who looks at offense, and who tries to minimize the charges that you may be receiving. Call Elizabeth B Carpenter Law Firm 201 St Charles Ave Suite 2500, New Orleans, LA 70170 504-599-5955

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