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Criminal defense drug charges in Louisiana state courts will be represented expertly by Elizabeth Carpenter Criminal Defense Attorney New Orleans. Charges can be related to a broad range of illegal drugs, including marijuana, crack and cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and prescription narcotics. The severity of the charge will depend on if the charge is drug possession or drug distribution charges. In other words, if you are charged with selling drugs, this is a charge that needs the best criminal defense attorney New Orleans has to offer. These are serious charges that can lead to incarceration and must be faught with the top drug fighting attorney in New Orleans. Louisiana judges take drug crimes extremely serious, especially in situations involving alleged drug sales or large volumes of narcotics. New Orleans prosecutors have a reputation for multi-billing, seeking enhanced penalties for repeat felony offenders charged with drug sales. Being convicted of a drug crime and having previously pleaded guilty, you could face a long prison sentence if you are convicted again. This is referred to as a multi-bill in the legal areana. Elizabeth Carpenter, a drug crime attorney New Orleans, does everything she can within the limits of the law for their clients who are facing drug charges. She starts with a thorough investigations of the facts and laws involved in the felony drug charges. She uses her experience and knowledge to build a criminal drug defense strategy that works for you. In many cases, we are able to pursue matters in drug courts and seek treatment alternatives to incarceration for our clients. Elizabeth Carpenter understands that a drug arrest can affect an entire family. We often work with family members of people who have been arrested and are in jail. We also work with the families of juveniles who have been accused of drug crimes.
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