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Louisiana Nursing License Defense

For a Louisiana licensed nurse, disciplinary proceedings can be quite stressful and bear serious consequences. If a nurse is facing disciplinary action in Louisiana, our defense practice can help protect your rights, serve as your advocate and mitigate allegations.  We know that nursing is a difficult and noble profession.  You deserve the best defense.

There are a number of reasons why disciplinary proceedings might be taken against a nurse by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing. Some of these reasons are:

  • Fraud and deceit
  • Criminal acts
  • Drug abuse
  • Mental illness and incompetence
  • Unprofessional conduct
  • Incompetence due to negligence
  • DWI
  • Lack of reasonable skill and safety to practice nursing

If a nurse has disciplinary action taken against them in Louisiana, the State Board of Nursing may take one of several types of action depending on the seriousness of the case. In the least serious cases, the Board may issue a formal reprimand or may suspend the nurse’s license and only allow supervised work. In more serious cases, the Board may suspend a nurse’s license and not allow them to work for specific period of time. In some serious cases, the Board may call for the voluntary suspension of a nurse’s license for at least two years or more. In other serious cases, the Board may call for a summary suspension of a nurse’s license and schedule a disciplinary hearing. In the most serious cases, the Board will revoke a nurse’s license. In these cases, the nurse will not be allowed to practice in Louisiana again.


If you are a nurse in Louisiana who is facing disciplinary action by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing, you have the right to have notice of all the charges against you and have the right to have an opportunity to be heard in your own defense. If you are a nurse who has had disciplinary action taken against you, such as having your nursing license suspended or revoked, we can help you apply for reinstatement. Our services in this area include petitioning the State Board for a rehearing or review of the matter or seeking judicial review in court if necessary. If you need to consult a Louisiana Nursing License Defense Attorney, please call our office at: 504-599-5955.

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