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Louisiana Pharmacist License Attorney

As a Louisiana pharmacist or pharmacy technician, you fulfill the critical job of preparing prescriptions and dispensing medication. You are also well aware of the risks associated with drug misuse and prescription errors. That’s why your professional reputation is so important. People trust you to make things exactly right, each and every time.

You have also worked hard for the education and experience required to obtain your professional license. Your days are passed in a highly stressful environment. Mistakes can happen to anyone both personally and professionally. Your license is crucial for continuing your employment and providing for yourself and your family members. However, a single complaint can affect your reputation. Elizabeth B. Carpenter is an award winning attorney who is ready to advocate for you and fight to protect your license.

Pharmacists Provide Essential Services for Public Health

The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy is responsible for monitoring and regulating the practice of Pharmacy, this includes both Pharmacists and Pharmacist Technicians. The Board’s mission is to “promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare by and through the effective control and regulation of the practice of pharmacy.” The Board is bound by the Louisiana Administrative Code provisions, which includes giving the licensee the opportunity to attend an informal conference with the violations committee as well as a hearing before the board.

Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter understands the complexities of defending a pharmacist’s license. Whether your licensing problem arises from a criminal matter, an accusation of professional malpractice, or an ethics complaint, she can assist you in protecting your interests.

Pharmacists Work in Highly Stressful Environments

Our professional license defense attorney has represented individuals facing numerous disciplinary action(s) against their license, to include:

  • An Accusation of Negligence
  • Boundary Violations
  • Inadequate Maintenance of Patient Charts & Records
  • Inadequate Accounting of Medication
  • Diversion of Medication
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Criminal Arrests, Charges or Convictions
  • Unprofessional Conduct
  • Failing a Drug Screen
  • Violation of Drug Laws
  • Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

New Orleans Pharmacist Defense Attorney

The Louisiana Board of Pharmacy has the power to revoke or suspend a license, or impose probation and restrictions on the licensee for violation of applicable statutes or regulations. Our New Orleans pharmacist defense attorney is committed to ensuring that you understand the process, your exposure, and the steps necessary to protect your interests. Often with experienced representation an investigation may be closed without a formal complaint being filed. The board may simply issue a warning or reprimand. If a formal complaint is filed, the financial and emotional cost can be stressful even if the allegations are later disproven. Attorney Carpenter has the experience you are looking for in a defense attorney.  Whether your licensing problem arises from a criminal matter, an accusation by a co-worker or supervisor, or an ethics complaint by the board we can assist you in protecting your Pharmacist License.

Contact: Louisiana Pharmacy License Defense Attorney

If you are a loved one has received a letter or complaint from the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy, you need to take it seriously. It is essential that you have experienced pharmacist defense lawyer to protect you. New Orleans Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter would like the opportunity to visit with you and look at your case. We are well aware of what’s at stake when someone files a complaint against a pharmacist. That’s why we work so hard for pharmacists fighting to protect their reputation and their licenses to practice their profession. Contact a knowledgeable Professional License Defense Lawyer to serve as your advocate today. Call 504-599-5955. Available 24/7!

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