Crescent City’s Finest Attorney

November 9, 2016

When my fiancee’ was wrongfully arrested and extradited from CA to NOLA on a felony warrant, I recognized the outcome depends on the expertise and experience of the attorney. I didn’t have confidence in the attorney I already retained for him or the one I was talking to over the phone. Plus I didn’t feel that they care that his life was in jeopardy. But when I contacted Ms. Carpenter, the way she answered my questions with clarity and honesty made me trust her that I found the right attorney. Her experience in the social work and mental health was additional value to my fiancee’s case as it was initially a custody case started out in the family court ended up in the criminal court. A year later when all charges was dismissed, I was pleased that I didn’t misplace my trust and confidence in Ms. Carpenter. If I or anyone I know in NOLA get arrested wrongfully in the future, I’d retain Ms. Carpenter to get justice. She

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