Super lawyer, great rates for NOLA DWI case

July 16, 2015

A couple years ago I got popped for a DWI in the New Orleans area. I had had a couple of beers at dinner but wasn’t even really buzzing, just a little tired. The police pulled me over at one of those checkpoints and asked me to do some roadside testing. I couldn’t handle those “touch your nose” and “follow my pen with your eyes” tests and what-not if I were stone-cold sober. I failed the roadside tests and within a couple minutes was asked to blow into a machine. The device showed that I was barely over the legal blood-alcohol level benchmark of .08. I was charged with a DWI but I felt the whole thing was overblown hogwash. Ms. Carpenter took up my problem and was able to get me a fair deal from the prosecutors, who for various reasons felt they had a weak case. I won’t say exactly how it was resolved but let’s just say it was better than having a DWI conviction on my record! And I was able to put the matter behind me in just a few short months. Thanks Ms. Carpenter for your hard work, professionalism, attention to detail and reasonable fees! I hope I won’t need her again but if I ever find myself facing a similar situation she’ll be the first call I make.

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