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Prostitution Crimes Defense

Do you need a prostitution defense attorney in New Orleans?

In general, Prostitution is defined as the exchange of sex acts for money. In some countries and states, prostitution is legal. However, in the state of Louisiana, including the city of New Orleans, prostitution is illegal and people who pay for sex acts or who perform sex acts for money can be charged with a serious criminal offense. In most cases, prostitution crimes are categorized as misdemeanors. However, the Louisiana lawmakers have created several prostitution-related offenses, such as pandering, that are felonies.

Generally, allegations of prostitution in New Orleans arise through elaborate sting operations in which police officers go undercover and act as if they are seeking to purchase sexual acts from an escort. These operations are conducted by local, state and federal law enforcement. Criminal charges for prostitution or solicitation should not be taken lightly.  A conviction can result in steep monetary fines, probation, community service, public shame and a criminal record.


I was arrested for prostitution, now what?

People who have been charged with prostitution in New Orleans usually feel embarrassed and are unsure of what they should do. It is normal to feel this confusion and uncertainty. You need the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney who is ready to listen and answer all your questions. Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter is an advocate for sex workers’ rights and the decriminalization of prostitution. She has defended many people in the New Orleans area who have been accused of prostitution crimes.


New Orleans Prostitution Crimes and Penalties


Pandering in Louisiana includes operating a house of prostitution, trying to force someone into prostitution, and receiving support or maintenance from prostitution. This crime is a felony and has a penalty of fines and imprisonment in Louisiana.

Promoting Prostitution

Promoting prostitution in Louisiana means that a person willfully controls, supervises or manages an enterprise for profit where customers are charged a fee for prostitution. This crime carries a penalty of fines and/or imprisonment.


Soliciting for prostitution is a separate offense from prostitution in Louisiana and means that a person solicits, invites, or transports another person to any place to promote prostitution. This crime carries a penalty of fines and/or imprisonment.

Letting Premises For Prostitution

Letting premises for prostitution is the granting of the right of use of any premises, knowing that they are to be used for the practice of prostitution, or allowing the continued use of the premises with such knowledge.  This crime carries a penalty of fines and/or imprisonment.

Enticing Persons Into Prostitution

Enticing persons into prostitution is committed when any person over the age of 17 entices, persuades, encourages, or causes the entrance of any other person under the age of 21 into the practice of prostitution, either by force, threats, promises. This offense is a felony.


Contact: Prostitution Defense Attorney New Orleans

If you have been  charged with a prostitution crime in the New Orleans area, you may feel trapped, frightened, and alone. Attorney Elizabeth B. Carpenter is here to defend you, not judge you. If your arrest was a result of a sting operation, police procedures could lead to an entrapment defense. On the other hand, Ms. Carpenter may advise you that, in light of the case against you and the devastating impact these charges could have on your personal life and career, your best option may be to plead guilty to a lesser charge or to participate in a prostitution diversion program in exchange for the dismissal of your charges. Regardless of the situation, Ms. Carpenter is ready to defend your reputation and name. Contact us at (504) 599-5955 to discuss the defense strategies available to you based on your circumstances. Available 24/7!

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